Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break at our Nearest National Park

For Spring Break, we took a day trip to our nearest National Park, Capitol Reef, to try out a new hike. Joining us were our neighbors. We packed picnics, camelbacks, jackets, and we were off to this beautiful terrain.

This was our longest family hike ever at 5 miles!!
We left one car at the visitor center and then drove one to the Chimney Rock trailhead. We crossed the highway and began the Sulfur Creek hike.

First mile or two of the hike was through a dry river bed. I though we might stay dry the whole time. I was wrong!!

Everyone had a buddy. 

One of three waterfalls we had to scale around. 

Finally it was into the water, there was no other way!

Photo break and snack break.

Most in our group took a turn falling into the water. When the water got knee deep, Justus carried cannon on his back. At one point he fell back and he and Cannon ended up getting soaked in the cold spring water. Worst of all De, slipped and fell in with her very expensive camera.   It was all part of the adventure and everyone was a good sport, except cannon, He was too cold and spent the last 2 miles getting carried out on dad's back. 

Scaling walls, traversing through water and slot canyons, lizards--this hike had it all.

Finally we made it back to the visitor center. The hike took us a good 4 hours. We were a tired, wet, and muddy bunch.

Celebrated our victorious hike with a short drive to the Gifford house for their famous homemade pies.

We sat down to eat our pies and cinnamon rolls. A bird pooped on my head!  And We went on with our picnic anyway.

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