Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ballroom Dancing Wins

Pro Show at the U of M Ballroom Dance Comp It does look fun to dress up and flit around. This is what our YW want to do for our next activity. Now I have to find someone to teach them? If we had classes around here I would want to join. Especially those Latin dances are awesome--the tango... The other day Brandon took the girls to see the BYU Ballroom dancers perform at our Events Center. Since then, the girls have been into dressing up and performing for us on the ottoman. Adrie said to Brynn, "You be modest and I'll be pretty."


cold cocoa said...

yes- ballroom dancing would be the best. So graceful, fun to watch, it just looks like a good time. That is funny what Adrie said. Olivia usually refers to the pretty girl as "the beautiful one". So each girl fights over who gets to be the beautiful one. I like your pictures!

Sher said...

Der moaned when I told him that ballroom dancing was even a choice. I took lots of ballroom classes in college and I think that in heaven Der will miraculously like to do ballroom dance with me. It might take a few years of being in heaven though before he becomes that perfect.

Megz said...

I picked ballroom dancing because it would require the least amount of sweating and because sequins are slimming. Aren't they? Interesting that pretty already is equaling immodest in Adrie's minds. Start dressing those beautiful barbies in their winter clothes pronto!