Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Neck of the Woods

Welcome to a slice of life in our neighborhood. I always knew we lived on an idyllic street but now I've got some pictures to prove it (these are real people) Yesterday, I saw guy across the street doing some landscaping when the other guy next door came over with his shovel to help. A while later they were across the street helping a different neighbor put up a fence. Then BD came out to help this guy build a mailbox.
Our neighborhood is mostly young families with a couple older retired couples who don't seem to mind if the kids jump on the rocks of their nicely landscaped lawns. When school is out, the kids wander to one house and play for awhile then they'll go to someone else's making the rounds in the neighborhood. Now that it is good weather they fill the road with their trikes, bikes, scooters. They will go play on someone's new swingset for awhile then go to another kids backyard. Again, making the rounds of the neighborhood. We have a great network of stay at home moms that are cool with wherever the kids are and we all have an understanding that if it's a good time to play you are welcome to come over and if not you can go try another house.
One mom hosts a kids cooking class the last Fri. of every month, another one let's the kids have picnics on the lawn. Last fall when one neighbor was putting in their sprinkler system, their front yard turned into a neighborhood mud party. All the kids were welcome to bring their swimsuits and join in the fun. We have had tea parties, cookie-decorating parties, plastic pool parties.
It's not just the kids that have fun. Every MWF a few moms meet together for an excercise/toning session in someone's basement gym. Thursdays, whoever wants to can pack a picnic and meet at the park for lunch. We have been on a few double dates with some of the couples.
One of my neighbor friends will ask me if I need anything before she goes to the store, another one will invite us over for dinner on Mondays because she knows BD works late that night, we borrow DVD's, ladders, tools, cups of sugar, baby gear...etc.
We feel so lucky to have such great neighbors that share our same values and watch out for each other's kids.


cold cocoa said...

That sounds like a great 'hood. It is nice when you feel like you can borrow a cup of sugar and have that old town feel.
You'll have to post pictures of your yard as you get things going with grass and any other things you put in.

Megz said...

It's funny how now that it's warmer outside we see all our neighbors again. Yardwork is a great way to keep up relations. Glad you moved into a friendly place. Hopefully nobody puts up any fences!

We're Wingin It said...

What a fun neighborhood. My biggest prerequisite for a neighborhood is LOTS of kids. It helps so much to have friends close.

T said...

My neighbor (we've lived on the same street for 5 years) looked at me like I had green hair when I went over to loan him our incredibly useful pruning shears once when he was doing the job on his tree with a pathetic substitute... and no, I wasn't that negative when I offered them :)