Monday, April 28, 2008

Runaway Girls

Our girls like to do everything together so when Kate got mad at me this morning and decided to runaway the girls were all in. While I was in the shower they made their plan. They packed a suitcase full of clothes and treasures.

Sustenance--nice representation of food groups here (gummy peaches)

Lots of money

This play cell phone will come in handy.

Brynn remembered hygiene

In the end they decided just to have a picnic in the driveway. They even invited me to join them!


cold cocoa said...

That is funny. I am still waiting for the day when my kids discover the idea of running away. Hopefully it will end up happy like at your house instead of something more concerning. Good to see Adria better!

Megz said...

Running away! Memories of Trent constantly doing it come flooding where did they get the idea? And where were they going? I love to hear about the rebellions of little girls! Tell me more!

LC said...

Kate wrote a note that she was running away to Maddy's. Maddy is her friend from church that lives out on a farm. She has a horse and her own room with a TV.
She also considered "St. George" probably because of happy memories of swimming at the pool during spring break. She was just trying to find a happy place.
I had told the girls a story about when I was younger I would sleep over at my friends house. I was so embarrassed to walk with my sleeping bag because I thought the neighbors would think I was "running away" or that I was a hobo. Ridiculous, I know. Maybe that's where they got the whole running away idea?

Sher said...

I remember when my sister was going to run away. She had the suitcase out and had her teddy bear packed. Important things first! I can't remember if she even made it out of the house.

We're Wingin It said...

Okay, that is too cute! Your girls are so funny. Isn't it great that they all have each other? I love their dance pictures too--they are beautiful!

I am glad you are telling them all those funny stories from our childhood--I was just talking to my kids about making friends and told them how we met and how I asked to play with you guys at recess. So fun! By the way, I found our "Blue Banner" band picture! It is pretty cute, I'll have to scan it and e-mail it to you.