Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Does Your Toothpaste Reveal About You?

The other night Brandon and I were getting ready for bed and taking care of the nightly hygiene routine of brushing teeth. In the same moment we both looked at each other's toothpaste tubes and laughed. Can you guess who had the messy one with goop overflowing so that the lid couldn't even close and who had the one that was nice and tidy, neatly squeezed from the bottom?

Exhibit A) Junkster: Thinking of other things while brushing teeth--gives a careless, brute-like squeeze from the middle of the tube resulting in an eruption of goop. Doesn't bother to clean it up so day after day buildup accumulates, hardens, and eventually prevents any more toothpaste from coming out. Junkster's solution: squeeze harder!

Exhibit B) Spiffy Clean: His/her mind is focused on the moment. They give a well-calculated squeeze-- from the end of the tube, of course! It is the most efficient way to get the most life out of the tube. Spiffy clean likes order so they put the lid back on and put the tube back in the drawer every time.

Brandon and I used to share one tube. But, after years of patience/ frustration Brandon finally confronted me, "Could you please try to squeeze from the end of the tube!!" It never crossed my mind that there was an "end" of the tube??! Because I loved him, I put forth my best effort. However, I never mastered the art of delivering the right amount of squeeze. "It's just a simple matter of physics and gravity." Brandon explained.
"Are you for real?" I thought and I came up with my own solution. We each have our own toothpaste tubes. This way I can keep up my old habits and Brandon can be satisfied with his tube model of precision and efficiency. Plus we can get whatever fancy flavors and extra features we like.
Brandon has used this toothpaste story in his marriage therapy. Separate tubes work for us! Now about flossing...


cold cocoa said...

Ha! That's funny. What flavor is your toothpaste? It looks yummy. Russell and I are one of the few couples that both squeeze from the end up. But I do like having my own toothpaste! It seems like a personal thing. Next thing we NEED is two sinks!

Sher said...

We have two tubes too but it's because Der uses NSP toothpaste and I'm pretty sure it doesn't taste good -- if it does then I know it doesn't look good. Minty freshness for me!

LC said...

"Kiss me mint" is my flavor--pretty fun huh?

Megz said...

Our toothpaste debate is at the end of the tube--as in almost gone. I believe in squeezing every tiny bit out because I just KNOW there is more in there! And Leon wants to throw it away because he thinks toothpaste grows on trees. How can BD use that in therapy?
But seriously, how can you get your paste out with that huge GLOB in the way??

T said...

Meg and I have the same thing - so finally I made a contest of it and Quinn and I try to eke out just that little bit more until he finally gives up in frustration because I can always find a little bit more in there... he says it isn't fair because I'm the one who brushes 10 times a day... the more chance for it to run out on me I say!
We still use the same tube, once I cured Quinn of leaving the lid open :)