Tuesday, April 29, 2008


  • Cannon woke up at 2:30 am and 6:30 am. Not too bad so why am I still so tired?
  • Kate wrote down our schedule for the day and we actually followed everything on it!
  • Science Lesson: learned about "germination." No one but Adrie will remember that word tomorrow. We dissected a bean seed and learned about it's parts--seed coat, embryo, cotyledon. All we really needed to know was that seeds need sun, water and nutrients to grow--just like us.
  • 10a.m. snacktime--graham crackers and milk.
  • Next we played a year in review game with dice. Roll 1=I ask a math question, 2=Reading, 3=Spelling, 4=History, 5=Science, 6=Art. This was one way to get some school in while nursing a baby.
  • Each girl had a "zone" to keep clean today: Kate=bedroom, Brynn=living room, Adrie? she put away her shoes.
  • Brynn was the "special child" at preschool. She got to wear her new play dress. For show and tell we brought in Cannon --Just for show--no touchy. She showed some family pictures and brought popsicles for a treat. The teacher asked her her favorite color? aquamarine. Favorite activity? swimming.
  • Went grocery shopping. K and A were hungry so they snuck pretzels and animal cookies into the cart.
  • Kate found the softest lifelike stuffed kitty that she wanted so badly that she was willing to sell some of her toys to earn $. When we got home she got together a bucket of old stuffed animals and set up shop in the neighborhood advertising 25 cents for each. (mom had to swallow her pride and let her live a little) In no time at all, there were a dozen kids carrying off Kate's stuff. She earned $1. 70 with tip--doesn't quite add up does it?
  • Kate practiced the piano without having a come-apart.
  • Brandon got home at 4:30 and took the girls swimming at the local pool.
  • All the girls came home hungry and crabby. In no time at all they were crying about having to eat yucky noodles for dinner (PastaRoni isn't a big hit around here.) Cannon was already crying so that made four!
  • Get ready for bedtime ASAP-- scriptures, prayers, and teethbrushing.


Megz said...

Sounds like a busy day. You aren't swimming outside are you?
We have lots of days where I'm counting down to bedtime and wishing the older two couldn't tell time to know if they are going to bed ''too early'' or not.

cold cocoa said...

I think you get more tired the nights you almost get the right amount of sleep! When you don't even come close, it seems you get an extra boost of energy from somewhere else. I had 3 of mine crying at once and that is when I suffer as a parent mentally. I don't deal well with cry-whines. And now that they are all asleep I look down on them fondly. We all need our night breaks!

Sher said...

I hope you get your peaceful evening / night time. I am going to go work towards an early bedtime. I need it. I'm the one having a "come apart".

Diana said...

Kate seems pretty fun to me. I'd like to get to know her better. My boys would understand the appeal of a stuffed kitty. Dallin likes to sleep with his, and sometimes he and William fight over it. And it is an old thing---from Megan's childhood. Sorry, Megz. I'm not sure why we have it, but I ain't giving it back!