Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Camera? So many choices.

So my good old Olympus digital camera that I forked out some good $ for 4 yrs. ago is giving up on me. It has been a great camera--just recently the battery isn't able to stay recharged long. Anyway, I'm in the market for a new one and wow how much more you can get for your $$ now. I just want an easy digital camera that takes QUICK clear crisp shots--mostly of my wiggly baby and kids. So I'm kind of thinking of a Canon powershot or sticking with the Olympus brand that I loved. Anyone have a new camera that they want to brag about and recommend?


Megz said...

Sorry I can offer no help. I'm just glad ours takes pictures and I know how to operate it. Our Kodak came with a little printer that I use oh-so-rarely, but has been useful for those last minute pictures that sometimes come up (school posters, Grandma needed an updated shot, etc)
I love the color on that camera, BTW.

cold cocoa said...

I wish all cameras had fun color options!
Consumer Reports recommends Canon Powershot, Kodak Easyshare, Panasonic Lumix. I'll go straight to the experts.
Good luck! Our Nikon Coolpix has been good too but its battery is slowly dying too fast as well! We might look for a new battery for it though.

LC said...

Thanks guys. I will check out prices for new batteries too and see if that's worth it. FYI if you want a cool color (like green) that is an xtra $50 so because I am on the low end of frugal I will just be stickin with silver.

Sher said...

I like my Canon PowerShot though I'm sure it's much older than the new ones:) My battery is starting to not hold a charge as long either but it's good enough for now!

We're Wingin It said...

I was just looking at cameras in February because we are about due for a new one too. I was so glad the prices have dropped! We liked the Canon Powershot SD 850. My friend has the SD 600 and loves it. We found good prices from Abe's of Maine and have ordered from them before and been happy.

Did you see that I loved your music so much I added some of your songs to my playlist? I loved that version of Somewhere over the Rainbow too, totally reminds me of some island. I need a vacation!