Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dance Recital

What a night-- 2 hours of dancing girls of all ages! Kate and Brynn did a great job. It amazes me that they could be so smiley and happy on the stage. (My legs would turn to jello if I had to be up there) They did 2 dances: "Zippideedooda" and "Living in a Rainbow" with streamers. Adrie watched mesmerized the entire time. She wanted to be up there dancing more than anyone!
Nana surprised us all by coming down for the event. She presented them with flowers after the big debut and after it was all over she treated us to ice cream and donuts at Maverick which, we learned, is the best place around here to get goodies after 9pm. Wish I had known that during pregnancy.


T said...

Maryn is next to me being very impressed with those beautiful ballerinas - she will be sure to mention their dresses next time she sees them! You didn't mention the hour or more of making sure their hair was up perfectly before all the dancing started, or is it only me that can't get the fly-aways under control? (of course, it would help if last summer's haircut hadn't ever happened)

cold cocoa said...

I love the Maverick frozen yogurt!
Kate and Brynn look beautiful! So graceful. I wish I could get up and dance with them too.

Megz said...

How could your big city mama know about the Maverick and not you? It is strange to think of gas stations as eating destinations, though everytime I'm in one I think the hot dogs look inviting. I digress. Good job Kate and Brynn! Let's have a dance off with all the girl cousins for the reunion! Or we can see if di could still win a drill down.
And I too loved Life of Pi and surprised myself that I did. I love a good surprising ending.

We're Wingin It said...

You have such cute girls! I miss your mom--especially after you reminded me about how she made the polar bears clap. Wow, that was so fun! Did you know that Polar bear ate a glove and died?

I still think of her everytime I see a Big Hunk!

Sher said...

Ah, the memories those pictures bring -- but I never could do the hair thing well. Little girls dressed up and dancing is fun. Yours are really beautiful.